Broward County Florida, White Collar Employees Union,  Local 1591

Progress Thru Unity - Creating Workforce Solutions For The Future.

 Our Mission Statement: -  We hold it as a sacred principle that our union brother and sisters, above all others, shall set a example as good and faithful workers.

Broward County, White Collar Union, Local 1591

Welcome Statement From -  April Johnson Williams – President

Welcome to Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1591. Our union prides itself as being a driving force of service and commitment in the Broward County, Florida area. We pledge to support all members of the White Collar Employees Union, our allies, and the public thru our efficiency, commitment and openness.

Local 1591 officers and staff can assure each union members of our dedication to fight for their rights and benefits. Our website aims to reach a diverse constituency. Retirees as well as current active White Collar Employees can remain informed of the latest news and developments.

All of the services, benefits and important information are at your fingertips. I hope you find the site useful and look forward to working with you to keep White Collar Employees working for all of us!

Local 1591, invites you to share your opinions and suggestions for this website.


Meet The Officers And Staff

April Johnson Williams - President

Joanne Penn - Vice President

Parrie Hines  - Recording Secretary

Joanne Penn - Intern Financial Secretary

Lachita Brown - Executive Board Member

Lynn Brower - Executive Board Member

Christine Jones - Independent Consultant

Patti Van Epps - Independent Bookkeeper

Become a Union Member!

Being a union member means good jobs and wages for working men and women. More importantly it gives you the resources to provide for your families to secure a successful career in life.  It also allows you the means to retire with dignity and respect. The benefits of being a union member are countless, but here are some basics. 
First and foremost, you are guaranteed a specific rate of payment, a minimum payment known as “scale”, and you are eligible to receive residuals for as long as a commercial runs.  Read More....

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Thank You - Chris Jones

Past Union PresidentChristine Jones, Broward County Transit, will retire this month after 35 years of service. She started her County career with the then Broward County Transportation Authority on April 24, 1974. Several months later, she was promoted and started working for the Operations Section. At that time, the dispatchers were using a bus as their office. When Jones arrived, she set up the offices at Ravenswood Road facility.   Continued Read More...